Sound System
Beep (3) times = T.T.T (Signal Sound of Driving Motor)
Beep (7) times = T.T.T.T.T.T.T (The alarm sound, arrive on electric power under 160 volt and over 240 volt)
Intruder Alarm = Long Pull sound (The alarm sound, not draining water into tank from water pipe top of head or without water ground tank)
Sound = Melody sound (The alarm sound full in water)
Indicator System
Motor LED = Signal bulb when water motor driving If not draining from water pipe head exit, bulb show the signal with twinkle, twinkle.
Lower Tank LED = Bulb show the water in Ground Tank
Over (or) under LED = Bulb show the electric power arrive to over (240) volt and under (160) volt.
Signal Systems is Overhead Tank
U1Sensor (or) White = The water have arrive in water flood over Colour LED mark/water full mark of water tank mentioned lighting with (Twinkle)2
U2Sensor (or) Blue = The said blub lighting with (twinkle)2 that it Colour LED is mentioned the water have arrive in 3/4 of upper water tank. If the said bulb (absolutely) light off, the motor will start driving.
U3Sensor (or) Yellow = The said blub lighting with (twinkle)2 that it Colour LED is mentioned the water have arrive in 2/4 of upper tank.
U4Sensor (or) Red = The said blub lighting only one that it is Red Colour LED mentioned the water have only 1/4 of upper tank.
30 Minutes Delay Time (or) if error, Show the Bulb Condition
While driving the motor with Auto system, if the electric power is up and down (or) the water have not drained up to (3) minutes from water pipe Head of upper tank (or) water have not in ground tank (or) alarm with Intruder Alarm. In that time, only one bulb showing light, highest water level of upper tank, can be known that it is something wrong,30 minutues delay time/error.
Semi - Auto (Push button) = If not wait the motor auto drive, fixed (Push Button) U2 sensor mark arrive under on upper tank, push the push button in (one) second and if release, the motor drive and auto stop on full water time.
Auto/Manual (Slide Switch) = If drive with auto system, must be place-on (Slide Switch) Auto side. If drive with manual, change to manual side and can be driven.
To Notice While Dirving with manual system
(If not have water in ground tank (or) not to be drained into over head tank (or) full of water and flood over in upper tank (or) the electric power is up and down). The Motor will not stop in any cause. Manual Driving make alarm the each beep sound (8) second in one time.
To Notice
1. When Power S/W Light Off, check the fuse. If fuse cut out, chase to power of motor and change fuse Ampere from fuse data and put in. If the fuse failed in (3)times, check the motor with Expert.
2. If Sensor wires out side of controller is cut out, the water motor cannot drive with control.
3. When the motor only drive in manual, take off motor (L) wire (No.4) and attach on A.C (L) wires (No. 2) side on Terminal Block of Controller Box and fixed the nut and switch off power S/W of controller box and can be driven.

Compressor Installation